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Owning a horse is a pretty magical experience. 

It’s a relationship and a bond unlike any other. When a horse and rider are in harmonious partnership together, it’s a beautiful thing to observe and experience.

But there’s a secret to unlocking the sweet temperament and good behaviour of your horse – without costing you a fortune, resorting to harsh tactics or having to give up the dream and sell your horse.

Photo: Jess Daniels riding Casper

Unfortunately, many horses suffer from the effects of poor nutrition, incorrect gear, riding and training methods or an old injury that has been left untreated.

I’ve had countless horses brought to me as ‘problem horses’ whose behavioural issues have been resolved simply by correcting their diet and gently treating any inflammation and soreness in their body.

It’s all about understanding where to look, what to look for and how to address it.

I’m Tracey Daniels and I help heal and handle horses suffering from trauma, inflammation and behavioural issues, bringing them back to peak health, performance and calm wellbeing.

How I can help

Equine Rehab

Bring your horse gently back to peak condition and performance after surgery, injury or trauma.

Equine Nutrition

Find the missing piece of the puzzle in the good health, wellbeing and behaviour of your horse.

Emmett Therapy

Unlock the secret to a happy, pain-free horse through the magic of Emmett Muscle Therapy.

Flower Essences

Discover a natural way
to heal your horse with therapeutic Australian Bush Flower Essences

‘When it comes down to understanding every aspect of a horse, Tracey Daniels is the real deal. I’ve never met anyone with more skills, empathy and an almost a sixth-sense approach than Tracey.

We were at our wits’ end and at the point where we felt our only option was to sell our beloved mare Summer, because we simply did not know what to do to help her behavioural issues. We had other trainers come out and other specialists who tried to treat any underlying pain issues she might have but nothing seemed to make a difference. Summer was explosive, reactionary and completely unsafe for my daughter.

Then Tracey came into our lives and, honestly what felt like overnight, turned everything around. She treated the source of Summer’s pain issues, corrected her diet and taught us how to understand Summer and what she was asking of us very quickly. And in return, we got a completely different horse. Summer became calmer, more relaxed, more trusting, and most importantly, safe for my daughter to ride.

We cannot thank and recommend Tracey enough, her calm and caring manner and her overall knowledge of horses is simply incredible. She understands metabolics, diet, emotional issues, behaviour, hoof care and riding skills. I love her holistic approach. Anyone who wants help understanding, caring for and treating their horse simply cannot go past Tracey’s level of knowledge and skills.’
Fiona Lukeis

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Tracey Daniels is a Certified Equine Nutrition Specialist, Emmett Muscle Practitioner and Hoofcare  Specialist,  with a focus on natural horsemanship,  Tracey is a renowned and gifted healer of horses.


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