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Knowing how to keep your horse happy and healthy is a fundamental part of horse ownership. Whether you ride for competition or for pleasure, you want your horse to be a willing partner. That means making sure their needs are met on every level and they feel safe and secure in your leadership.

Whether you ride for competition or for pleasure, you want your horse to be a willing partner. That means making sure their needs are met on every level and they feel safe and secure in your leadership.

Everything comes down to the relationship you have with your horse.

Each horse is different and unique with their own personality and quirks. By paying attention to what your particular horse is telling you, and learning to understand how they think, feel and behave, anything is possible. It’s about tuning in and being in constant conversation with your horse.

Meet Tracey,
healing Equine Therapist
(and horse whisperer).


Hi I’m Tracey, I’m an Equine Therapist (and yes I’m a bit of a horse whisperer). I understand horses in a way not many people do. I’m also a Certified Equine Nutrition Specialist, Emmett Muscle Practitioner, Hoofcare Specialist, and Horse Partnership Instructor.

I work with horses of all breeds and sizes, from racing thoroughbreds to pleasure ponies, correcting dietary issues and gently treating, healing and rehabilitating injuries and inflammation. 

I run natural horsemanship clinics to teach riders how to gently and instinctively handle and communicate with their horses, and I’ve been riding and competing myself for over 40 years, showing horses at the top level and breeding Arabians and Palominos since my early childhood.

Above all else, I absolutely love horses with every part of my being.

I’ve been lucky enough to be around horses my whole life, and I feel a closeness and an affinity with them that’s really beyond words. In fact, my innate love and connection with all animals has always been strong.

The lost and injured have always made their way to me, and my clients often tell me that their horses are never this quiet for anyone else. It’s something I hear a lot.

I instinctively understand horses in a way few people do. This means I can identify the underlying cause of a horse’s poor behaviour or condition, often within minutes.


We’ll bring your horse back to peak condition after surgery, injury or trauma.



Find the missing piece of the puzzle in the good health and behaviour of your horse.



Unlock the secrets to a happy, pain-free horse through the magic of
Emmett Muscle Therapy.



Discover a natural way
to heal your horse with therapeutic Australian
Bush Flower Essences.



Private lessons are available for both adults and children, as well as training, exercising and groundwork for your horse.


‘Looking for a healthy, happy horse? Look no further. I’m going to call Tracey ‘Your Horse Health Guru’ because she covers the whole of the horse. She nailed it with my Paint, what a few Body Therapists could not pinpoint and who were saying that he was all good. We need more horsewomen like Tracey, someone who is not only in it for the horse but who truly knows her stuff! Highly Recommended.

Alicia Jayne

A mare called Crystal

As a kid growing up, horses were my whole life. I was in the saddle from the age of five and when I was just 14, I started my first horse.

That horse was Crystal, a beautiful Arabian mare I had raised from a foal. Our connection was instant.

Instinctively, I used my own gentle methods with her, rather than the harsher traditional methods favoured at the time, and Crystal and I went on to have an extraordinary relationship that spanned 32 years.

She was my best friend and my teacher and we shared a powerful bond built on a foundation of trust developed over many years.


At the age of 20, Crystal developed a condition known as sidebone, an ossification of the cartilage on the side of the foot. This flexible cartilage acts like a shock-absorber so when it hardens into sidebone, it can result in debilitating and painful lameness. Vets told me that nothing could be done, that Crystal had six months at best and then I would have to put her down.

I knew instinctively there had to be a way to save her and I devoted myself to finding a remedy.

During my research I came across a practice known as barefoot trimming, where the hooves are trimmed to emulate the way they’re maintained naturally in a wild herd, without shoes.

I studied the technique and applied what I’d learned to Crystal. Her lameness completely disappeared and she was with me for another 12 long, happy years.

Looking back, this experience was a hugely pivotal moment because it proved to me that there were alternative ways to treat injuries and conditions in horses and all I needed to do was trust my instincts and follow my own path.

Through my intensive studies as well as decades of experience showing, training and healing horses, I’ve gained powerful insights into equine biomechanics, the interaction between rider and horse, and the effects of different training methods upon the horse.

These insights tend to reveal crucial clues to unsoundness that have otherwise been overlooked. Clues that can make all the difference for a horse misunderstood and suffering silently in pain.

It’s an absolute privilege and an honour to do what I do, to serve and care for horses in this way, to help heal them and free them from pain, and to teach and guide horse owners to be more attuned to their own horses – and I owe it all to my beautiful mare, my best friend and teacher, Crystal.

Tracey Daniels

‘I have a pure Arab sensitive mare who was very unhappy. Hated being lunged, would bite when doing up the girth. Very anxious, always chomping at the bit. Never relaxed, comfortable or happy. I tried everything from feed, saddle fittings, ergonomic girth. Treatment for anxiety, tying up, ulcers. People used to say just push her through it. A good friend suggested I try Emmett Therapy. Thought, why not ? Well the change was almost instant. By the third session I had a totally different horse. Just amazing!!! I’m not exactly sure how it works but for my mare it was just incredible. Seriously the best results. Highly recommend Tracey, she truly cares about the horses. Best money I ever spent.

Derinda Hoyle

Is your horse acting up?

I can help.


Tracey Daniels is a Certified Equine Nutrition Specialist, Emmett Muscle Practitioner and Hoofcare  Specialist, and Equine Partnership Instructor. With a focus on natural horsemanship,  Tracey is a renowned and gifted healer of horses.


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